DIY Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Pallet to Patio Table

Pallet Patio Furniture Trend Of Decoration Family Patio Decorations Pallet Patio Table
Pallet Patio Furniture Trend Of Decoration Family Patio Decorations Pallet Patio Table

What you will certainly require:
1 Reclaimed Timber Shipping Pallet, 1 Box of 2″ Flat-Head Nails, 200 grit Sandpaper, Hammer, Hand Saw, Measuring Tape, Painting or, Discolor and Hand Clamp.

– Where to discover the materials for this job: All of the products needed for this project, other than the pallet, could be discovered at your neighborhood equipment or house renovation store. Call around to any kind of local shops and simply ask if they have any type of delivery pallets that they need to obtain rid of.
– Structure your solid oak coffee table: Locate which side of your pallet has the most effective appearance; this side will serve as your table top. During shipping, many of these pallets are branded with business logos or merely ditched up. If you intend to discolor your pallet be mindful of unwanted logos or scratches. Take the bottom side of your pallet, using the claw end of the hammer, eliminate every one of the slats as well as cross light beams leaving just the center slat undamaged for support.
– Lay the pallet topside up. Making use of the removed slats, complete each void in between the affixed slats. Pallets are made with a space the very same dimension as the slats to conserve timber. Using the 2″ nails and hammer, nail the slats to the outer structure of the pallet. Take 2 of the formerly eliminated cross light beams and gauge their distance denoting the center with your measuring tape. Cut the cross light beams in half. Lay the pallet topside down. Firmly affix one section of the 4 cut cross light beams to the within corner of the pallet framework making use of the hand clamp. Toenail this piece to the frame of the pallet safely. This will be among the four legs. Repeat Step 9 for each and every corner of the pallet. Measure the size from the outer side of each leg. Cut 2 of the left over slats the exact size of the procedure taken in step 11. Toenail each of these slats to the back side of you coffee table legs for added support.